This is where I get to tell you about our guinea pigs, Calico (or Calie for short) and Fluffy. After the death of loving Ceecee, we felt it important for both Boo and for us to get another companion. Having adopted Boo through an Animal Rescue, we decided to try this again. Although we didn't return to the House Rabbit Society, we found a wonderful place called Have a Heart Guinea Pig Rescue. We fell in love with Fluffy (and so did many other people who were looking to adopt *smile*). We brought her into our home to make friends with Boo. Unfortunately, sad news hit us again the next month, when we had to put our precious Boo to sleep due to a fast moving cancer. Once again, we called Marci who had a mate for Fluffy in mind. We are so lucky to have Marci who let Calie into our home. The sadness we feel is made better everyday with our new furry friends.

If you have considered adopting a guinea pig and live in the PA, NJ area, I highly recommend Have-a-Heart. The pets are well taken care of and given a lot of love and attention.

More pics to come, please come back soon.




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"Your Smile" Composed and Sequenced by Simon Eastop, courtesy of The Midi Archives