Please note, I have chosen to keep up this rememberance page for a wonderful piggies, Ceecee and Boo. Although we have been told they lived a long time for guinea pigs, it still hurts. I read somewhere that guinea pigs are given short life spans so we must enjoy every minute of it. Learn from that lesson and enjoy your piggies because they do give you unconditional love. Except for maybe the reference links (guestbook has been removed), this page will remain as is. Thank you.

Dedicated to those innocent lives we lost on September 11, 2001

Hello everyone!! Grandma has been busy redecorating our website. If this is your first visit, set a spell, have a carrot and relax....first off..let us introduce ourselves.

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My name is Ceecee. I have a very friendly personality. I love to be picked up and held. Iím outgoing and I adjust to people very easily. Grandma also says I tend to get a little bossyóGrandpa says itís her imagination. I was the first guinea pig in the house and am now almost 6 years old. Mom only gets the best food for us. She orders Timothy Hay and Cavy Cuisine from Oxbow Hay Company. 

My name is Boo. Iím also very loveable, but little more shy. I love to be held, but picked up is not one of my favorite things to do. My grandma loves to wrap me up in a blanket and hold me like a baby. I was adopted from the House Rabbit Society.
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  Favorite snacks: Romaine Lettuce (not enough vitamins in iceberg), kale, carrots, parsley, cilantro, bellpepper, broccoli, yogurt drops, orange drops and fruit/lemon sticks. Fresh dandelion greens are great too (not dandelions near the road...yucky). We always have a full bottle or more of fresh water and a bin full of hay and pellets (timothy based pellets for adult piggies). And Oxbow has the approval of the best vitamin C...essential for guinea pigs.