I write this page in honor of all of those innocent men and women who lost their lives on the planes, The World Trade Center and Pentagon. I'm still inspired and saddened by the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives to try and help those victims. For the service people and families, who are fighting to protect MY freedom and other Americans, I will be forever grateful. And finally my heart goes out to all of the families that have either been left behind by this tragedy, I know you will never forget them, but I hope that each day gets a little bit easier for you to cope.
Independence Day has become a time for barbecuing with friends and having a good time. My family and I usually will make a short trek over to a nearby park and sit in a big field to watch fireworks around 9:00. Because we live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, we have been in the city, to take in all of the festivities. It's referred, I believe as the 10 Days of Freedom Celebration

This year will be different for many Americans. Because of the September 11, 2001 Incident, we have come together and we now stop and are grateful for the liberties that are given to us in the United States. It's wonderful that 50 different states can come together and agree on one thing- We are proud to be living in this great land and, although not perfect, we CHOOSE to live here and to accept all of the people regardless of race, color, creed or religion.

I am not a follower of God or Christ, but respect those who choose to do so. I hope they do the same for me. I am stating this, because although there seems to be on everyone's lips, "God Bless, America", I feel that I am a hypocrit if I say it. I prefer to say, "United We Stand", because if you're an American and you want me to, I'll stand with you.

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The Pledge of Allegiance

Former Enemies-maybe some day this War Against Terrorism will end up like this--that is my sincere wish

Coming soon- 911 Tribute