Hiya, everyone. I invite you to sit down and relax while I tell you about a special women's internet group in which I belong. It's called Simply Enchanting Angels. There, I have yet another alias (an "angel name"), Peaceful Angel.

We are always on the look out for new angels to join our group. What does this mean? To me, it's just a place where I can relax and be with other angels who "enjoy" being nice to one another. Our founder, Angel Whispers, is the leader of our group. She had a wonderful idea to put us all together in a place where acceptance and diversity go hand in hand and to bring happiness to each angel in different ways.

To help you spread joy to the group, you choose at least one committee to belong to. I joined the Enchanting Occasions Committee. As a committee member, I get to make web pages for Angels for their birthdays or anniversaries. You know what it feels like to have a birthday, you get an email that wishes you a happy birthday and there are over a 100 gifts just for you? It's just great!** In August 2005, I stepped into the position as assistant in the Occasions Committee. My self confidence has blossomed. There are many committees choose from , so if this sounds like something you would enjoy, I invite you to take a look. For more information, please click on my Peaceful Angel badge below.

Simply Enchanting Angels

We are honored
to have
Peaceful Angel
as a Member of the
Simply Enchanting
Angels Webring!
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