Happy Holidays

Welcome to my Holiday page....this is only a intro. Still
being new at this HTML stuff (part time html-er since
February 2000), I'm still working my kinks out and trying
out new stuff). I have put on two versions for the
Holidays (both are the Santa side of Christmas rather
than the Christian side)...the big difference is one has
a way to download Hotbars (browser skins) and the other doesn't
give you an automatic download. Personally, I would think
it was a little scary to have you download something without
an explanation of what it is. Unfortunately the codes that
I got off of hotbar.com
didn't give me that option. It just magically downloads it
whether you want it or not and then after you can see my
page after it's downloaded. Personally I like to dress up my browser
(which is what it is. For more details, go to the hotbar link above.

So I thought it best to give you two options.
One to see the page without the Hotbars and one with and
let you choose. Isn't that what makes America great...
the freedom to choose? If you really don't want to go
to either one...thanks for stopping by anyway and you
can always go back to my main page too.

Holiday Page with Hotbars

Holiday Page without Hotbar Browser Skins

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