There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the
love and support my father has given to me throughout my life.
As a child growing up, I had more than my share of spoilings.
As a teenager, I never gave my father enough credit. Now,
that I am an adult,I see that raising a child is not as easy
as he made it seem. I just hope that he knows, that I grew to be
a responsible, respectful person and he (with my mom**hugs**)
are the ones I will always
be thankful for.-Love, Jan

For My Dad

As I was told, "If all good men go
to heaven, he's there, right now."


When I was little, I used to think my dad spent too
much time at work. His business
took him away from me
I am older and raising one of my own
and I see it's not that easy

Now is the time for the "thank you's"~~
Thank you for taking the family out
for "d" at the Foster's Freeze
Thank you for the many times you
took us to Disneyland
Thank you for the times you took me to
my first "teen" concerts
Thank you for the A's games, lunches
at Mark's, outings at the park

But most of all, I am most grateful for the
lessons that I learned while "working" with you.
I learned that work is not always
"the dreaded four letter word"
That being a good listener goes a long way in life
Cliches such as "It's nice to be important,
but more important to be nice"
and "Smiles don't cost anything,
so smile, it will make you feel good"
were actions with you before they became cliches
Now that I am older, I see
that you weren't at work 24/7 even though
it seemed that way.

I guess for someone who I thought was never there,
you did a great job being there

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