This year, Art and I had to get used to the empty nest feeling. Amber has started at Swarthmore College (30 minutes away) and although she's not on the other side of the world, we miss her. She did come home for Fall, Thanksgiving and will be home for the Holiday break for a month. YAY!!

We were fortunate to have both sides of the family represented at the graduation. Art's sister, Irene, came for a nice visit as well as Janice's mother, brother, Ken, (and his sweet daughter, Sarah) and sister, Shirley. There wasn't enough time to see alot of things.. but we did take them to a few highlights of the area. The weather wasn't too humid so although it was hot, it was somewhat bearable. Some of the official graduations pictures can be found here. It is implied that you need to register to view the album, but you don't just click on Amber's picture.

The December before Amber graduated, we started to help a local guinea pig rescue with foster parenting. We've had about 2 pairs leave to "forever homes" and we currently have a 2 pairs of females and a single female. Fluffy is our only piggy that is just "ours". In a way, it makes the empty nest not so empty.

Art continues to work two jobs.. Villanova and Penn State University. His hours have decreased so he can take time to breathe now. It seems though, he continues to be busy. Recently, the area set up a great bike path that goes from our home to almost Villanova so Art has started a new routine to keep himself in shape.

Janice continues to work at Pottery Barn Kids. It's a fun store and has the occasional rush of customers. The people around make the job very fun.

During her first semester at Swarthmore, Amber focused on Computer Science, Physics, Japanese and English literature (Jane Austin). She also got into Anime Club and Rugby. She is doing great in all of her classes and probably enjoys the her new freedom. When she writes or calls, she does say she misses us, but we know she's having a good time and we are proud of her.

Christmas page made by Peaceful Angel (aka Janice), December 2005.