Ode to Fimmers

It seemed that I had known you
Forever, when we met.
I came and sat beside you;
I never shall forget.
You spoke to me and I to you
In tones no one could hear.
I've loved you forever;
I'll always hold you near.
A joyous day befell in spring
When you came home to live.
The ironies of life are hard
And harder to forgive.
When summer found you losing strength
I knew our days were few.
I tried so hard to keep you here
But still I always knew
That you and I must part again
Life did not play us fair.
I knew that you would go from me
Before we had our share
Of spending time together
and playing in the sun.
And as you learned to play
and really have some fun.
I saw your spirit waver
and slowly fade away.
And then I knew you'd leave me
somewhere along the way.
So, slowly I will join you
and when that moment's here
Again I will be happy;
of that I have no fear.
I long so much to hold you
and stroke your golden fur.
I need to see your big eyes
and hear your wondrous purr.
My life, it seems, without you
is very bleak today,
And as each morning opens,
its wonders to display,
It is so hard to greet it;
it's just another day.
Another day without you
is only filled with gray.
No passing time nor normal tasks
can take me from your hold.
Alone I am so helpless:
a sheep among the fold.
Oh yes, I've always known you.
Of that much I am sure.
And someday we will meet again
upon that distant shore.

This n That Graphics

Thanks to "Play List for the Happy Back" and
Herbert Harari for the sequenced midi